Guava (Sativa)

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Sativa Dominant

Average Cannabinoid Levels:
18.00/26.00% THC
0.80/1.00% CBD
—/—% CBN

Known in the Colorado cannabis scene, Guava is a Sativa dominant bud. This Chemdawg/Chem 4 backcross offers users a potent set of effects along with complex and robust flavors. It won Best Sativa at the 2012 Denver Cannabis Cup and since then has become a fan favorite among sativa lovers.
Newer users should go easy with this strain as it often tops out at 26% THC. Her small nugs are green in color with purple undertones, tons of furry hairs, and a light coating of amber-toned trichomes.
Making it through the day with medical issues is often a challenge, so when you need help getting your day started without being overly stoned, Guava is the ideal choice. This strain helps those with depression and anxiety also physical pain and particularly migraines, are alleviated thanks to this strain combination of cerebral and bodily effects . Those who are sidetracked by ADD/ADHD will find a renewed sense of productivity at work too.
Guava for sativa users might just be a dream come true.


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