Platinum Sour Diesel (Sativa)


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Sativa Dominant

Average Cannabinoid Levels:

20.00/25.00% THC

0.00/0.00% CBD

0.00/0.00% CBN

Platinum Sour Diesel is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that was first grown by an unknown breeder, making it hard to track down official information about the genetics. Most accept that this aptly-named strain is the result of crossing the Sativa known as Sour Diesel with an Indica known as Platinum OG. The result was a highly productive strain that often requires grower-care to produce at its maximum capacity.

Platinum Sour Diesels buds are often olive or mint-green in color with a few orange hairs that accent its shape. The surface is covered almost entirely in off-white trichomes that give the bud its platinum appearance. Like most Sour Diesel flowers, it’s very potent. The aroma produced is a combination of woody pine and sharp citrus mixed with jet fuel and dank cannabis skunk. Thankfully the flavor isn’t quite as pungent, some have described flavors such as sour lemon, pine, and citrusy-diesel being contained in this bud’s smoke. These flowers pack a THC concentration that occasionally tops out with an impressive 25%.

The high is initially almost unnoticeable until it smashes into the back of your head. This creeping high explodes onto the scene with a sharp increase in mood is sure to leave a big dumb grin on your face. Platinum Sour Diesel wipes your mind clean of any negative and intrusive thoughts, leaving only space for productive and reasonable thinking. Many artists find that this strain is great at overcoming creative blocks, often leading to their best creations to date. You’ll feel incredibly social and outgoing after a few hits, which is why it’s great for daytime toking, or a quick smoke break before heading to the club with some friends. Platinum Sour Diesel is often consumed by those seeking relief from ailments such as depression, anxiety, pain, stress, and even muscle spasms! Others have reported this strain to stir up a hunger in the consumer, which can be a valuable asset from those suffering from nausea and lack of appetite.


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