Gorilla Snacks (Hybrid)

Pure Hybrid (50% Sativa / 50% Indica)

 Average Cannabinoid Levels

25.00/31.00% THC

0.17/0.39% CBD

0.00/0.00% CBN

Gorilla Snacks is a well-balanced hybrid. Created by Oregon-based growers Heroes of the Farm, this strain is a cross between the Scooby Snacks-derived Guinness and Gorilla Glue #4. Gorilla Snacks has an earthy, almost gamey aroma and an exceptionally potent high. Its THC content has been measured between 25% and a jaw dropping 31%.

Gorilla Snacks is marked by medium-sized flowers that cling together in a tapered shape, somewhat like miniature pinecones. The structure of these buds has small, broad leaves that curl tightly inward to form a denser core.

Gorilla Snacks versatile effects can be very beneficial for medical cannabis patients. The feeling of mental acuity that comes with its onset can help those with attention deficit disorders to work on one thing at a time. Additionally, its mood-boosting effects can temporarily improve some tough symptoms of stress and depression. On the physical side of things, Gorilla Snacks’ numbing properties may put a damper on chronic, disease-related aches and pains. Its anti-inflammatory properties, meanwhile, may take the sting out of common discomforts like cramps or nausea. In a sufficiently relaxed set and setting, Gorilla Snacks can even be a viable treatment for insomnia, pulling users into a deep, restful sleep.

A great all-purpose smoke, Gorilla Snacks is as fun to toke alone as it is to share with friends. Be wary of the punch that this potent bud packs, though, before taking that third or fourth hit.


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